About Us

GLOBAL INFO SYSTEMS is an organization, which we established a few years back with the idea of doing business and making money. On the contrary the zest of five years of experience shaped an entirely novel mission, of course for us. The result is that now we dedicate ourselves only to the real needs of our customers which for us are not merely our customers but are the guiding soul for the search of our excellence in whatever we do and are the real strength of us.

With this philosophy we work and enjoy the confidence of our customers.

We, as people know us, provide our customers a place where all of their needs regarding Computers, Computer Peripherals, Computer Stationary, PDAs, Digital Note Books, Networking Solutions, Custom Build as well as Standard Software, Third Party AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contracts etc. etc. can be catered to with highest level of satisfaction. It hardly matters whether you choose products of IBM, HP, COMPAQ, ACER or any other national and/or international brands cos. we can provide you all.

May be that you are having excellent or top grade IT products but they are proving to be your dead stocks just for nuke problems, let us take the opportunity to sneak into that problematic part, which creates nothing but frustration, and get you rid of the same for good. Besides we specialize in system integration. The daunting cost of switchover from one system to another and also factors like data continuity, time constraints, data loss made organizations to drag their requirements of new software solutions year after year. System integration is the only way to cope with such types of problems.

Though it sounds unpleasant but the fact remains. The fact is that in more than 90% of the cases the user is able to tap 10% of the capabilities of the 100% efficient and able system for the very funny reason of ignorance. To capitalize the investment on Hardwares & Softwares or in real sense exploit your systems gives us an opportunity and see your systems doing miracles for you. The candid talk now is that we train people.

Your search for TOTAL IT SOLUTIONS ends here. We are a team of well-qualified, dedicated and young Hardware and Software professionals who have the required talent, experience, enthusiasm & zeal to excel. We don’t at all wish you to believe what we say, but request you to give us an opportunity to share a few moments with you and judge yourselves.

Finally, whether you believe it or not OUR SATISFACTION STARTS when your SATISFACTION reaches the TOP.

Shall it not be justified, if we expect a call from your end?